8 comments on “THE GREAT LIE — and a Bigger Lie, Too

  1. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Worst line ever from one of the worst FILMS ever. And also a big lie. If anything, love means being ABLE to say you’re sorry, I would think. (Plus, even if the other person knows you didn’t mean to hurt them, they still need the closure.)


  2. I always hated that line too! As a teenager curious about love and romance and all that, I remember how that line really confused me when I first heard it.


  3. Ugh that line from the doctor is SO WRETCHED!!! You are right on- a major insult against women in general and men missing limbs, come on now!!


  4. “There’s no place like home” from WIZARD OF OZ. Frank Baum would have said something like, “Right — that’s why I sent Dorothy to Oz.” In a future book he sent Uncle Henry and Aunt Em there, too. They did not return to Kansas.


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