7 comments on “From Print to Screen: GOODBYE TO BERLIN/CABARET

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  2. I was so delighted to read about the origins of CABARET–the original stories by Isherwood and the play by John Van Druten which became a movie with Julie Harris. The musical version of CABARET which I saw in summer theater, starring Lesley Uggams as Sally, is quite different from the movie with
    Liza Minnelli. So it’s interesting to think about the various versions. In a way, I AM A CAMERA strikes me as a darker version of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S with Sally Bowles serving as a pre-war model for Holly Golightly. Thanks so much for your interesting and detail-filled article.


  3. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S Holly Golightly as a postwar Sally Bowles – that is interesting. Almost as interesting as imagining Julie Harris, Lesley Uggams, and Liza Minnelli playing the same role.

    I thought I AM A CAMERA was available in its entirety on YouTube, but when I looked just now I couldn’t find it. I think Netflix has it on DVD.



  4. Fascinating! I need to read that book (again). I think I read it a long time ago. I certainly didn’t make the connection between Isherwood’s stories and Cabaret. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!


  5. Cabaret is a great movie musical but a long way from Isherwood’s stories. That is right, though. Everyone who adapted and interpreted the stories made them their own.



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