4 comments on “HIGH TREASON: Cinema History in 1929 Talkie Restoration

  1. The program director mentioned that it appeared through the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association. I don’t know the story and there’s little information on the discovery. I will continue to pursue….


  2. I’m the archivist at the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA), and I just ran across this article and thought I’d post a brief answer to the question of where “High Treason” came from (I don’t really have an answer to the question about why it disappeared, though). AMIPA received a lavender fine grain of the film in a donation of material that we received back in 2005. The film was all 35mm, and much of it was cellulose nitrate, so the latter was sent off to the Library of Congress for storage and evaluation. The materials had been in private hands, on an island in Washington State. The donor had received them from a relative, but had little knowledge about how the relative came to have it all. Finding a print of the film would have been noteworthy, of course–and more understandable–but how a production element like a lavender fine grain came to be stashed in a garage with a variety of other projection prints is something of a mystery (although certainly handy, from a preservation perspective).

    It seems the film has had a few screening since the Library of Congress completed the restoration work, a couple of years back. The British Film Institute (BFI) screened it in the fall of 2014, back-to-back with the silent version, in conjunction with a major science fiction retrospective screening program they mounted. For their screening, they produced a digital cinema package (DCP) from an access print loaned to them by the Library of Congress. They later provided a copy of the DCP to our organization, which we’ll be using for a screening at the Anchorage International Film Festival in December.


  3. Thanks for your comment, Kevin! I’ll share it with a few others who will be exceptionally interested. Wish I could be in Anchorage for your festival!


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