6 comments on “It’s a Wonderful High Noon

  1. I haven’t seen HIGH NOON, but this comparison is interesting to me because I’ve always thought IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE is a darker movie than its reputation indicates. Take away that bit of divine intervention, when the angel shows George Bailey what his town would have become if he had left to pursue his dreams, and you have the story of an increasingly desperate and isolated man who is called on to be heroic one more time. The happy ending is earned.


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  3. Terrific comparisons, Dave, of “High Noon” (one of many classics I omitted from my hastily assembled favorite flicks list) and “It’s A Wonderful Life” (Another inexcusable omission). Thomas Mitchell was one of those character actors who seemingly popped up in almost every classic film. He was a member of Capra and Ford “stock” companies. I still haven’t tallied how many films Mitchell did in that legendary Hollywood year, 1939. Duke Wayne’s “Rio Bravo” was supposedly a “hawk” reply to Coop’s ‘Dove’ “High Noon”. Good stuff, Dave!


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