10 comments on “Take 3: Mon Oncle

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  2. Gloria, your line “each masterfully composed frame that can stand alone as a piece of art” brought to mind that shot of Hulot’s bicycle parked in some VIP parking place. It is a perfectly splendid machine in that shot. His black umbrella is hanging off it.


  3. I think I’d better rent this movie IMMEDIATELY. Thanks for those completely delightful reviews of “Mon Oncle.” It was fun to “see” the movie through the lens of three such literate critics.


  4. OMG, what a riot! This movie is a journey into the past and what a trip it is! I love the cinematography and the humor. Thanks, Lindsay, Dave, and Gloria for sharing. Lindsay, you are now my official guide into the world of quirky, fun movies.


  5. I would love to have a series of prints from scenes from the movie — or better yet, it would be great to create a tableau from them!


  6. Thanks for the comment! We are so very happy that you declared us your “official guide into the world of quirky, fun movies.”


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