9 comments on “Unfaithfully Yours

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  2. I really enjoyed this blog. It helped me see some of the choices that screenwriters and directors make when adapting a famous novel for the movies. Thanks so much. I think I’ll put THE HAUNTING on my Netflix list. (Susan Dormady Eisenberg)


  3. I agree, I recently listened to the audio book of The Haunting. Although the basic structure is the same, I found the characters much more fleshed out in the film. And I usually love Shirley Jackson’s writing too.


  4. Thanks for being a new guest blogger, Lindsay! Compelling observations about The Haunting, one of my faves. Both the book and the film terrified me. Now I must re-read and re-watch.


  5. I wrote that blog based on my memories of both book and movie, but now I want to go back to both. I’ve liked Shirley Jackson since I was ten.



  6. Trivia about NIGHT FLIGHT: When filming began, Lionel Barrymore made a friendly bet with John Barrymore that, during their scenes together, he could upstage him. And so Lionel did this by giving his character a chronic itch on his side. It worked.


  7. That chronic itch did a fair job of upstaging the entire movie. In the scenes, it was almost the only thing you could pay attention to. After the movie was over, it was one of the things you remembered.


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